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NTT Events and Technical Communication Lab at CLR jointly hosting a technical meeting on ACM Chapter related matters: 

The Technical Communication Laboratory in collaboration with NTT Events - a small event management company based in Kolkata, India is hosting a strategy technical meeting on technical documentation about 3D Printing processes in Udaipur, India from March 7-14, 2017. 

The event will cover workshops and presentations on 3D Printing for language education, economic implications of 3D Printing, presentations on graduate and undergraduate language coursework related to 3D Printing, design and documentation offered at UoA. 

Discussions during the technical meeting will include the following:

  • - Discussions on collaborating with English departments in Indian universities on technical communication courses
  • - How NTT Events could help with data collection at university campuses across India on 3D Printing awareness
  • - Initial data collection with technical staff at NTT
  • - If and how NTT could help  offer or host technical writing courses at Indian universities as part of ACM chapter activities
  • - Interest in 3D Printing related language coursework at Indian university campuses
  • - Interest for Indian students in studying and taking English courses in Japanese technical universities 

Note: This is a strategy meeting, not open to the public. But individual request to attend the meeting will be appreciated.