DR. DEBOPRIYO ROY                                                                                                                                                                                            DR. WOLFGANG ZIEGLER

Recently, as of September 2017, a partnership is developing between my Technical Communication Lab, and the department of Media and Information Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Applied Sciences (HSKA) , Germany. 
The idea would be to develop partnership in graduate and undergraduate courses, leading to ACM conferences, joint presentations, faculty and student exchanges, possible on-campus corporate symposiums etc. 

A MoU could possibly be signed in near future between UoA and HSKA with multiple benefits: 
  • Recruit the best students to the UoA 優秀な学生獲得
  • Possibility of HSKA students visiting our campus for coursework-related joint projects.
  • Possibility of UoA students visiting Germany for short projects/orientations.
  • Likely hosting of ACM Conference on campus at UoA with HSKA and UoA faculty and students.
  • Exploring the possibility to host an on-campus ACM conference with German companies and Japanese start-up companies participating together.
  • Exploring the possibility of joint research partnership between UoA and HSKA faculty.

More details will be posted as we start working on this initiative and develop it further.