Document Design Practices:

How do you know that your document is well-written? Is it effective and user-friendly? Does it help with procedural task completion?  Research dealing with typography, visual organization, layout, formatting etc. 

Procedural Visuals Design Practices:

How do we design technical illustrations such that each step in the process is well-explained and understood even without associated text?  Research dealing with intelligent graphics, body positions, viewpoint research, sub-assemblies, sequential layout etc. 

Usability Testing Processes:

Details of the testing session to explore user's navigational patterns, types of errors, time spent, feelings, eye movement, think-aloud etc. Research focusing on how readers think through a process, layout, the cognitive load related to specific online tasks etc. 

Statistical Analysis of Web Interactions:

Types of statistical analysis to explain how the user interacts with a program, time spent, navigation patterns, number of clicks etc?  Research focusing on various kinds of experimental design, extensive data collection, data entry and subsequent analysis (parametric and non-parametric) using SPSS software.

Interaction Design:

Research explaining how readers logically and sequentially think about an online interaction/task, and behavioral outcomes during such interactions.

Online Collaboration and Interface Design:

How do users handle multiple open-source collaborative tools for document production? How do they share document production and editing responsibilities? How do they handle the different interfaces? What do they expect the interface to do?